My name is Miro Kuru. I received my education studying Computer Sciences at Aalto University, and graduated as Master of Science in 2010 majoring in Interactive Digital Media. The topic of my master's thesis was Software Visualization for Teaching Network Protocols.

I work at the Finnish Environment Institute as a Project Worker, developing information systems. Before that, I worked there as a Web Coordinator. While working on my thesis, I also worked as a course assistant on laboratory courses on data communications software and information security. I also worked as webmaster for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in 2007-2010. I have designed and realized several web sites.

After graduating, I stayed home managing a household of seven, with the children ranging in age from two to fourteen. Other than that, my interests lie in photography, web design, literature, movies, games, outdoors, art, music, theater, cooking, and computers and gadgets on the whole.